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Not exactly straight shooting

I find it curious that earlier last month, the gun legislation that President Obama desperately wanted failed to pass.

Americans claim to want more restrictions on purchasing fire arms, so you would think that expanded background checks would be welcomed with an overwhelming consensus.

But what Americans are saying to pollsters and what we truly want are mutually exclusive ideas. I think it's the NIMBY (Not In MY Back Yard) effect.

Sure, we all want to stop mass shootings, but when it comes to actually passing legislation to curb our ability to purchase firearms, we cannot pull the trigger on Obama's bill.

Now there is a new poll that says more Arizonans want stricter gun laws. Do we really? Or is that just lip service to the children of Newtown?

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There's a reason why Mac & Gaydos is the number one talk show in the Valley. To someone who has never listened, Mac Watson and Larry Gaydos describe their show as "relatable stories that emotionally connect with our audience... basically, stuff that affects our daily lives here in Arizona."

Mac Watson is a native of Maryland, worked as a music DJ for 10 years before shifting to talk radio that eventually led him to News-Talk 92.3 KTAR-FM in 2007. Mac Watson expresses strong opinions with an equally quick wit that the Valley has come to appreciate.


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