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Updated Aug 29, 2014 - 9:44 pm

Slain officer Anthony Holly's mother speaks out on killer's sentence

The late Glendale Police Officer Anthony Holly is shown. (Facebook photo)

The man who killed a Glendale Police Officer Anthony Holly during a 2007 traffic stop was sentenced to death Thursday, and the slain officer's mother spoke out about what the trial's conclusion means to her and her family.

"We certainly feel a sense of relief to have this trial done," Nancy Bonner, Holly's mother, told KTAR News' Mac and Gaydos on Friday. "It needed to be done, and it's been much, much, much too long."

The death sentence for Bryan Wayne Hulsey, 40, came almost exactly one month after he a jury found him guilty of first-degree murder.

Holly's mother said Hulsey's sentence was not a cause of celebration.

"There's no feeling of happiness for anybody on either side of this -- certainly for his family, who we have compassion for, and certainly not for any of us," Bonner said.

"There's no feeling of happiness for anybody on either side of this -- certainly for his family, who we have compassion for, and certainly not for any of us," Bonner said.

Bonner said she's been in the courtroom for a majority of the lengthy trial, and she was there when Hulsey was seen and heard clapping after his sentence was announced.

Holly's mother said she and her family were not surprised by Hulsey's odd reaction.

"We're well aware of this man's history," she said, referencing seeing Hulsey's behavior in court during the trial -- which went more than seven years from start to finish -- and his past jail stint for attempting to injure another officer.

When it came to how Hulsey carried out Holly's murder, Bonner didn't mince words about what she believes the circumstances were.

"In my mind, this was a totally premeditated act," she said. "It may have been only premeditated for minutes, but he knew exactly what he was going to do, and he did it without any hesitation and has never showed an ounce of remorse for killing our 24-year-old son."

Hulsey was a passenger in the vehicle that had been pulled over for speeding and not having a license plate. Holly was there to serve as backup to another officer who made the traffic stop.

Hulsey exited the vehicle, said, "I've got something for you," and fired two shots, one of which hit Holly, prosecutors said.

Bryan Wayne Hulsey (Glendale Police Department Photo)

Prosecutors said Hulsey was upset during the stop and complained that they were being pulled over for having a cracked windshield. Prosecutor Juan Martinez said the three people in the vehicle, including Hulsey, had smoked methamphetamine the night before and the morning of the traffic stop and that Hulsey gave his methamphetamine to a backseat passenger once the vehicle was pulled over.

Bonner said she would have nothing to say to Hulsey if she had a chance to talk to him face-to-face, due to his lack of remorse.

"I do believe that people can commit terrible acts, but not have a terrible, evil soul," she said. "I truly believe this individual is evil."

"I truly believe this individual is evil," she said.

Bonner added that she has committed the rest of her life to helping children in Holly's memory through the Anthony Holly Foundation, established in 2007. She also added that she continued trying to help other mothers who have lost a child.

"Anyone who has not gone through this cannot know what it's like, and cannot be prepared for the way it changes your life."

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