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What is the GOP to do with social conservatives?

Woe is me. What is the Republican Party to do about social conservatives?

We saw how sanctimoniously Rick Santorum was ripped during the early presidential primary debates. Subtly of course -- no one wants to offend Jesus or his spokesmen -- but social conservatism, though attractive to many, was how liberals pointed out that Republicans were trying to put a large population under one umbrella of thinking.

The Democrats prayed for a Santorum victory. He would have been the destruction of the GOP because he would have made the party fit neatly into a "Christians only" box. Christians have always been viewed with contempt, even by the Libertarian and more liberal wings of the Republican Party.

Just how negatively have the Christian social conservatives effected the party? Probably dramatically. Many refused to vote for a Mormon, because "they aren't real Christians." The social conservatives just stayed home or voted for the Libertarian candidate.

Many in the party blame the Evangelicals for the loss to Obama. What about some other examples that left the liberals cheering wildly, laughing and tap dancing to the polls? Enter here candidates Dumb and Dumber: Todd Akin and Rick Murdock, Senate candidates who not only destroyed their own chances of ever seeing a seat in the Senate, but gave those who championed women's issues an opportunity to paint the entire party with an anti-woman brush. The GOP would not recover from that paint job.

What's worse is Republicans had a tough time refuting stupid comments such as: "Women can turn off their bodies during a rape so that they can not become pregnant." Please show me that fact in a doctoral dissertation. And then we had Murdock, with his "the babies of rape should never be aborted" comments.

Candidates Dumb and Dumber were vilified by the liberals and many Republicans, but here you have another of the dichotomies Republicans had to face: there is a huge anti-abortion wing of the party that didn't necessarily agree with candidates Dumb and Dumber and their comments, but did agree with their anti-abortion stance.

Here we also have a complicit media who will ask conservative candidates the exact date God created Earth, as they tried to do with Marco Rubio.

So the question is, in an America of changing demographics, what should the Republican Party do about the base, the social conservative and the Evangelical? To even discuss purging them from the party destroys the GOP. To make their issues the forefront of party politics, as some suggest, would be a huge error and again, would destroy the party.

So who do we leave out? What controls should be placed on the social conservative wing of the Republican Party? What segment of a diverse populations will not fit under that big umbrella?

Somebody had better figure it out, because congressional elections are just two years away.

About the Author

Jay Lawrence is a "true" conservative believing that less government is better government. Jay graduated from Columbia College in Chicago and went to WJPS in Evansville Indiana. Then on to bigger and better, Peoria. Illinois. Jay made it to Dallas, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York and Cleveland before coming to KTAR. Lawrence enjoys all sports and has played most, but has been a baseball fan above all and enjoys the Diamondbacks particularly when they win, tolerates the team when they lose. Favorite memories are opening day for Major League Baseball in the Valley and sitting in row three along third-base line when the D- backs won the World Series. One other memory he'll always carry with him, the time he spent with the Beatles and stood outside a nightclub finding dates for the Fab Four in Cleveland. Lawrence's musical tastes are eclectic, from classical to rap with country thrown in. He'd be just as likely to attend a Phoenix Symphony concert or ballet as he would a George Strait concert.


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