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Updated Nov 13, 2012 - 5:29 pm

Obama, Petraeus soap opera weakening America

This July 13, 2011, photo made available on the International Security Assistance Force's Flickr website shows the former Commander of International Security Assistance Force and U.S. Forces-Afghanistan Gen. Davis Petraeus, left, shaking hands with Paula Broadwell, co-author of "All In: The Education of General David Petraeus."As details emerge about Petraeus' extramarital affair with his biographer, Broadwell, including a second woman who allegedly received threatening emails from the author, members of Congress say they want to know exactly when the now ex-CIA director and retired general popped up in the FBI inquiry, whether national security was compromised and why they weren't told sooner. (AP Photo/ISAF)

I fear for my country, and I do not use the term "fear" lightly.

I am actually afraid my country is in terrible danger. We are in danger from within and from forces outside our boundaries, both of which are receiving help from an administration that is the most dishonest I have known in my lifetime -- that includes the Nixon era.

Where to start?

We have a president who whispered to Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, when he thought the microphones were off, "After the election I'll have more flexibility." Just what does that mean? I'll be able to disarm and make my country more vulnerable?

Barack Obama will cut our nukes to zero, will deplete our armed forces, will cut ships that the Navy needs to maintain command of the seas. There will be little or no money for research and development. That is barely touching the surface of how this president will weaken America.

Let's deal with our nation's generals and how the truth was hidden by the president of this country in order to be re-elected.

We know that the Attorney General Eric Holder knew about Gen. Petraeus last summer. Do you honestly believe that sycophant didn't tell the president that the married director of the CIA was having an affair with a married woman? Petraeus was not the head of Fish and Game, he was the director of the CIA, our foremost intelligence agency. Do even the most naive of you think that the Attorney General kept that information to himself for two months?

And what about another high-ranking command general sending hundreds of emails to a woman that was a friend of the Petraeus family? She was receiving threatening emails from the woman with whom Petraeus was having the affair. This was allegedly what started the FBI investigation. The soap opera goes on...

The attack on Benghazi falls into this soap opera as well. Who knew what to expect and when to expect it. Our embassy was under a concerted, organized terrorist attack. We heard how the attack was brought on by an anti-Islam internet film. We learned almost immediately that the president and his minions, with straight faces, were doing anything they could to distract us.

Did the president make a deal with Petraeus to wait until after the election before his resignation? Was Congress kept in the dark to protect the president election? Did the FBI hide it's knowledge from the public to keep Obama in the White House?

The answer to all of the above a resounding yes.

If you are among the three million Republicans who stayed home because Ron Paul wasn't the nominee, or who voted for the Libertarian candidate, be proud of yourselves. You may have cost your country its very life.

About the Author

Jay Lawrence is a "true" conservative believing that less government is better government. Jay graduated from Columbia College in Chicago and went to WJPS in Evansville Indiana. Then on to bigger and better, Peoria. Illinois. Jay made it to Dallas, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York and Cleveland before coming to KTAR. Lawrence enjoys all sports and has played most, but has been a baseball fan above all and enjoys the Diamondbacks particularly when they win, tolerates the team when they lose. Favorite memories are opening day for Major League Baseball in the Valley and sitting in row three along third-base line when the D- backs won the World Series. One other memory he'll always carry with him, the time he spent with the Beatles and stood outside a nightclub finding dates for the Fab Four in Cleveland. Lawrence's musical tastes are eclectic, from classical to rap with country thrown in. He'd be just as likely to attend a Phoenix Symphony concert or ballet as he would a George Strait concert.


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