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What would some of the most famous dead musicians look like today?

(Photo courtesy of Phojoe)

Some of the biggest names in music history died while still in their prime, leaving fans wondering what could have been if they were still around.

Elvis Presley died on the day he was scheduled to fly to Memphis to kick off a tour. John Lennon was shot to death after returning home from a recording studio session. Jimmy Hendrix was still performing on stage just days before he passed away in London.

Although we'll never know what musical masterpieces they could have created if they were still alive today, we now have an idea of what they would have looked like thanks to Phojoe, a photo restoration and manipulation company.

It is pretty interesting to look at, but I must say, also kind of creepy. What do you think?

Check out the rest of the awesome but eerie photos, here.

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