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September 11, 2014 2:25 pm
The best parenting advice I ever received
  • Politics and pigtails
    Charlotte Wilson, special contributor to | September 03, 2014 6:00 am
    I am sure that just like me you are all beyond sick of the political messages being shouted at us on a daily basis this time of year.
  • How our kids remind us to look for the good in people, life
    Charlotte Wilson, special contributor to | August 27, 2014 1:37 pm
    When I am completely frantic, desperately fighting for pole position in line at school drop-off, sipping on a cup of tepid coffee while barking orders at the children in my backseat like I am Churchill,...
  • Your kids won't remember bed time, they'll remember time with you
    Charlotte Wilson, special contributor to | August 20, 2014 1:43 pm
    "T-minus." My children hear these words all too often at my house. "T-minus 15 minutes until bed." "T-minus 10 minutes until dinner." "T-minus one minute before I turn off 'Dog with a...
  • Robin Williams reminded us all that laughter is the best medicine
    Charlotte Wilson, special contributor to | August 13, 2014 3:28 pm
    Everyone has a favorite character, joke, and imitation, of Robin Williams. For me, it is in "Good Will Hunting" when he tells the story about the first time he met his wife after passing up a Red...
  • In this world being taken over by technology, find a breath of fresh air occasionally
    Charlotte Wilson, special contributor to | August 06, 2014 11:00 am
    I find myself torn by the impact technology has on everyday life, particularly my kids' lives. I understand it can be a good thing overall but what concerns me is my children being brought up in the...
  • Dance to your own tune, and your kids will too
    Charlotte Wilson, special contributor to | July 30, 2014 11:00 am
    The moment I found out I was going to be a mom was the most magical and terrifying moment I've ever had. After I picked my jaw off the floor and started talking to my pinpoint-sized fetus, I was overcome...
  • Family photos can be stressful but in the end are worth it
    Charlotte Wilson, special contributor to | July 23, 2014 3:33 pm
    Family pictures. Are there two more stressful words in the English language? A close second could be root canal or tax day, but I'm pretty sure that combination takes the cake. Just thinking...
  • Not to be judgy, but why must we judge?
    Charlotte Wilson, special contributor to | July 16, 2014 12:06 pm
    I was at my daughter's soccer game watching her gleefully score a goal for the opposing team when I heard a mom say to her husband, "Oh, don't forget we need more bento boxes for the kids' lunches." Come...
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