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Bruce St. James and Pamela Hughes

Updated Aug 29, 2013 - 10:13 am

AZ forecast: cloudy with 100 percent chance of whining

Wednesday night, the West Valley took a beating from high winds and rain. I know because I was there.

I opened my back door and couldn't see past the patio. The kids thought it was the coolest thing that they had ever seen. My wife was worried about the pool umbrellas. What I didn't hear in the Russell house was complaining about all of these annoying monsoons.

It's a time-honored Arizona tradition. Arizonans complain about the weather for about 300 days of the year. That leaves us with roughly two months of climate calm.

If you find these claims offensive, then you are probably the worst of the lot.

I hear this nonsense EVERY season. Yes, Arizona has seasons.

• "This heat is killing me!" First of all, it's not killing you. Second, you live in the middle of the freakin' desert. What did you expect when you moved here? Arizona (and most deserts) has a reputation for high temps. Did you miss that in the brochure?

• "We REALLY need some rain." Once again, you live in the desert. Show some patience.

• "We just need to get past this monsoon season." PICK A SIDE! As if every resident starts a rain dance in early August, our dry weather turns to rainy and humid. Once again, not good enough for us.

Then there is inevitable annual ritual of covering our plants for the two-day "freeze." "When will spring get here? This cold weather is just a hassle." We long for the days of warmer weather so we can start complaining about the heat.

The fact is that we have an AMAZING climate here in Arizona. It's high time people stop bellyaching about weather, stop screaming about the kids on your lawn, get outside and enjoy what AZ has to offer.

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About the Author

Mike is a Southern California transplant. Although his latest Arizona stint started in 2006, Mike is a proud graduate of Glendale's Apollo High School. Higher education? He stopped counting after 5 colleges. After 15 years of real estate and corporate life, Mike had a crazy idea to give talk radio a try. A short 2.5 years of cutting his teeth on the AM dial, he received the call from KTAR. Mike is now the host of Get Outdoors with Mike Russell, co-host of Mike & Winey on Saturdays and co-host of The Think Tank on Sundays. Mike's special features, The Outdoor Minute and the KTAR Timeline, can be heard daily on both Arizona's Morning News and Arizona's Noon News. Mike hurries home each night to his amazing wife of 11 years, Jodi, and their two children Jillian (9) and John (6). His 95 pound puppy, Champ, is always there to greet him as well. Daydreams of fishing, hunting, and camping keep Mike motivated throughout the day. When he can't hit the lake or get out on a hunt, Mike finds his "Zen" through his passion for family time and gourmet grilling.


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