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  • Man Up and watch the documentary

    Monday, Aug 4, 12:24 pm
    Take a look at this new documentary about the importance of screening and treatment for colorectal cancer. Read more...
  • Be careful and limit your chances of traumatic injuries

    Monday, Jun 30, 2:14 pm
    Every time my wife sees me taking out the ladder to fix something, she gives me the same warning that I usually ignore which is "be careful on that thing." Maybe her warning is because she knows... Read more...
  • Celebrating Men's Health Week

    Tuesday, Jun 3, 2:57 pm
    This month we celebrate Men's Health Week, which kicks off the week before Father's Day. In recognition of this national celebration and the day meant honor all the dedicated fathers of Arizona, why... Read more...
  • The warning signs of a stroke

    Tuesday, May 6, 10:11 am
    Learning the warning signs of a stroke are critical. If you or a loved one suffers from a stroke, the faster they get medical treatment, the more likely they are to recover. The main warning... Read more...
  • How to help someone who collapses from cardiac arrest

    Wednesday, Apr 2, 12:54 pm
    Take a look at this new public service announcement about how you can help save a life if someone collapses from cardiac arrest. To learn more about how you can help save a life, visit the Read more...
  • Man Up and get a simple screening for prostate and colorectal cancer

    Monday, Mar 3, 8:00 am
    Did you know that more than 200,000 men nationwide and as many as 4,000 men in Arizona are diagnosed with Read more...
  • Keep your heart healthy by eating right

    Monday, Feb 3, 12:44 pm
    What's your first reaction when someone tell you they have a great tasting healthy recipe? If it's anything like mine, it probably goes something like "no thanks. I have no interest in eating something... Read more...
  • Tobacco use rates in Arizona continue to drop

    Thursday, Jan 2, 2:41 pm
    Arizona continues to make strides in lowering tobacco prevalence rates statewide. New data shows the tobacco prevalence rate in both youth and adults dropped significantly, which will result in thousands... Read more...
  • Project Quit - ASHLine

    Monday, Oct 28, 4:50 pm
    Project Quit is a new initiative in a developed partnership with the Arizona Smokers' Helpline (ASHLine) to showcase the tobacco quit process. One of the more difficult addictions to break, a... Read more...
  • Shopping for a home loan

    Wednesday, Sep 18, 5:10 pm
    Before you shop for a loan, it's good to understand what lender fees are typically charged to close a loan transaction. (Learn more here.)... Read more...
  • Understanding mortgage lender fees

    Wednesday, Jul 17, 3:14 pm
    As you prepare to buy a home or refinance your current one, you're probably scouting for a mortgage with the best rate. Interest rates are a key consideration, but they shouldn't be your only comparative... Read more...
  • Smoking is dumb so quit

    Tuesday, Jun 18, 6:20 pm
    Smoking isn't cool. It doesn't make us look tough, more attractive to women, or make us feel like a rebel from a 1960's action movie. And we all know it. We all know the truth about smoking: it's... Read more...
  • Get screened for cancer

    Tuesday, Jun 18, 6:20 pm
    What would you do if you had a mole that suddenly changed a weird color and shape? You would go to a dermatologist to make sure you do not have skin cancer. A wise move considering our climate and... Read more...
  • Get off the couch and move more

    Tuesday, Jun 18, 6:20 pm
    A few weeks ago my alarm went off an hour earlier than normal, and when I looked at the clock it took me a few minutes to remember why I set the alarm so early. Then it hit me. Today was the day I was... Read more...
  • Put down the junk food and eat better

    Tuesday, Jun 18, 6:20 pm
    There's a popular image floating around social media right now that calls bacon the "Duct Tape of Food." If you do an internet search for bacon infused (insert whatever you can think of here), you can... Read more...
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