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Elections have consequences and boy, do they ever

"Elections have consequences."

Famous words from President Obama, but ones that he thinks apply only to the 52.9 percent and 51.1 percent of voters who voted for HIM in the last two presidential elections.

One can only surmise this based on his "I'll go it alone" attitude during Tuesday night's State of the Union address. He repeatedly threatened Congress with his pen, the one he'd use to issue executive orders, effectively bypassing the duly elected people's representatives. You know, the members of Congress, elected by their constituents to represent their visions, beliefs and values in Washington.

Elections have consequences.

And the president and his advisers can see the writing on the wall. Obamacare, an economic Wall Street recovery not felt on Main Street and the numbers showing a majority of Americans think we are headed in the wrong direction do not bode well for Democrats in a midterm election. "D's" could lose the slim majority they hold in the Senate and dig the hole even deeper in the House, making President Obama's final two years ones of golf and greeting NBA champions.

Elections have consequences.

Far be from me to offer advice to the president, but I fail to understand how it helps our country, his legacy or his political party to appear dictatorial. A man who ran on, and was re-elected, by promising a new way of doing business in Washington is doing just that, sadly in the opposite way he promised.

Elections have consequences.

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