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What I've learned from the Benghazi hearings

When you consume news and information from a variety of sources (with a variety of viewpoints) a few "truths" begin to emerge.

Here is what I've learned from the Benghazi hearings so far.

1. Nobody took diplomatic safety and security seriously enough.
2. Once the attack began, nobody was close enough to rescue or save Ambassador Stevens and staff.
3. There is a difference between "lying" and "not telling all the truth," although both occurred in the aftermath.
4. Neither "lying" nor "not telling all the truth" is currently against the law or an impeachable offense.
5. Nobody gets elected (or reelected) without lying. Ever.
6. We still vote for them and wrongly believe only the other guy "lies."

Should something have been done before 9/11/12? Absolutely. Was there criminal negligence that led to the deaths of the ambassador and staff? Doesn't look like it. Did the White House, or more specifically the Obama re-election campaign, "massage" the information so as to fit the narrative they were selling about a Democrat that was tough on terror, strong on defense and keeping you safe? Without a doubt.

But as Rob Hunter likes to say, "we get what we deserve" and politicians figured out a long time ago that we like to be lied to. There are few, if any consequences to it, and your political supporters will defend your lies even though they scream bloody murder when the other side does the same thing.

Happy Friday.

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