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Bruce St. James and Pamela Hughes

Updated Feb 28, 2013 - 1:36 pm

Do I detect a change in tune?

For the past week we've been subject to an almost nonstop barrage of doomsday scenarios regarding the sequestration cuts set to take effect at midnight March 1. Obviously, the White House issued a directive last week with talking points for Democratic congressmen and administration officials in an attempt to generate as much fear and outrage as possible in the hopes the Republicans would feel the heat and cave on more "revenue"… (read: YOUR money.)

But I detected a shift yesterday in the song book. Gone were the dire predictions of life as we know it ceasing to exit on Friday, replaced with talk of NOT noticing the cuts right away with the caution that we would ALL be sorry sometime down the road. It appears the White House got the message, and it wasn't the one they were hoping for. Americans have wised up to the game and no longer will scream "how high" every time the federal government shouts "jump". Even the secretary of education, who spent the last five days threatening mass teacher layoffs, could only produce ONE county in America facing any reduction in size and upon further research it was found their restructuring had nothing to do with any sequestration cuts and had been planned for months.

Government MUST make you believe that ANY cut in federal spending will have a direct negative impact on you and your family, otherwise they can't scare you into handing over more money the next time we face a "crisis".

This is all about self-preservation for the ruling political class and I can only hope we have reached the point where the taxpaying public realizes it does not need (or want) to support a government that lies, cheats and steals its way through our lives.

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