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Chuck's List: It's a good week to remember Steve Jobs

A one-man opinion poll.

  • Steve Jobs

    Steve Jobs

    It's been a good weekend for the late genius. The movie made about his incredible life grossed $28 million at the box office and that's without a single explosion in the film or superhero woven into the script. Then, Oracle CEO Larry Ellison called him "the Edison of our time" during an interview that included Ellison's explanation as to why Apple would sharply decline without Jobs' incomparable vision. Now, I'll grant you, even the late Steve Jobs, looking down from his floating microchip in the sky, doesn't want the company he built to fail, and I'm sure he wishes more than 40 percent of critics would have liked his movie, but overall I'd still say it was a good week for remembering him.

  • Bryan Cranston

    Bryan Cranston

    Everywhere you turn people are talking about the final season of "Breaking Bad" on A&E. If you haven't seen the show, it's a brilliantly-written cable drama about a chemistry teacher diagnosed with terminal cancer who uses his lab skills to cook meth so that he might leave his family some money before he dies. He ends up beating his cancer, but he then can't give up the life. The final season of began Sunday. The show is not only known for its unique concept and clever writing; the cast has been showered with awards. The star character is played by actor Bryan Cranston, who didn't get his first real break until the age of 44. Even then, he played the silly dad on "Malcolm in the Middle." It wasn't until Cranston landed the role of Walter White that we were allowed to see his genius as an actor. It makes you wonder what Hollywood is looking for when someone this good isn't given a good role until he's 50. Or is it a testament to a talented man's perseverance?

  • Ocean's 16

    Ocean's 16

    Look at that accompanying photo. Seriously, look at it. I'm telling you, based purely on this snapshot of the 16 employees of the Ocean County Vehicle Maintenance Department who will share this week's $448 million Powerball jackpot, 12 of them hadn't smiled in a decade. They just became millionaires out of pure random dumb luck! And they look about as enthused over it as they do when Shirley brings brownies into work. I'm telling you, some of these people were barely holding onto hope. Why do think the photographer put the only radiant employee in the middle of the front row with the check in her hands? Because the rest of the members of this crew still aren't sure how $20 million each is going to fix their soul-draining lives. I'm happy for them, even if they aren't.

  • Oprah Winfrey

    Oprah Winfrey

    "Switzerland doesn't owe me an apology," said Winfrey after her racism allegations caused a national uproar. Well, Oprah, how very big of you not to demand an entire nation beg your forgiveness because a store clerk didn't realize you were a billionaire. Oprah cried "Racism!" because the clerk wanted to show her less expensive bags than the $38,000 purse the television icon had her eye on. No, Oprah, this wasn't a "you can't afford this because you're black" moment, this was a "who on Earth is wealthy enough to pay $40,000 for an ugly pocketbook" moment. It happens to people of all races all the time, whether you're wearing ratty jeans or the wrong kind of sneakers. Oprah should know better than to make such a serious allegation without more incriminating evidence. If you asked me, this was Oprah being insulted that she wasn't recognized.

  • Jaleesa Martin

    Jaleesa Martin

    Yes, Jaleesa, you're right. A judge should not be allowed to stop you from naming your child "Messiah," but the rest of the world certainly has the right to criticize you for it. "I just wanted to keep the family's 'M-thing' going," said Martin, who'd named her previous two children Mason and Micah. So, I guess Michael or Matthew was out of the question? Child Support Magistrate Lu Ann Ballew had no business changing the name, but I believe her when she said that her decision was in the child's best interest. After all, unless little Messiah proves he can turn the sandbox into wine or levitate the jungle gym, he's going to have an awfully difficult time trying to live up to his namesake.

  • Alex Rodriguez

    Alex Rodriguez

    It's official: Alex Rodriguez is unlikeable. One of the most gifted and hard-working baseball players of all time has ruined his legacy out of greed and insecurity. He was already in the discussion of best player in the world when he decided PEDs would take him to the next level. And once he started taking PEDs, he convinced himself he couldn't play without him. So, now, at the age 38, he's facing the largest suspension in Major League Baseball history, his legacy is entirely tarnished and he gets booed and harassed everywhere he goes. And by all accounts, his demise couldn't have happened to a more deserving person.

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