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Chuck's List: Lost in all of it, Trayvon Martin's parents

A one-man opinion poll.

  • Trayvon Martin's parents

    Trayvon Martin's parents

    I'm not going to use this week's "Three Up, Three Down" to weigh in on the George Zimmerman verdict, other than to say Zimmerman had his day in court and the jury found him not guilty. But whatever side you happen to be on, and no matter the reasons you have for your opinion, one's heart must go out to the parents of Trayvon Martin. Surely all can sympathize with parents who've lost their son, lost the trial to convict his killer and were forced to witness their deceased and previously unknown child being labeled by many across the country as a thug who had it coming. And their message afterward? "We'll work to define Trayvon's legacy" and "Let's make sure this doesn't happen to anyone else's child."

  • Hazel Hammersley

    Hazel Hammersley

    Little Hazel knows how to make things happen. At 2, and fighting with everything she has to beat cancer, Hazel had a pizza craving. Happens to the best of us. Her mom made a sign for passersby within the hospital using medical tape torn into little pieces, "SEND PIZZA RM 4112." Time to remind you that she's 2! Someone posted the message on Reddit. Next thing you know, pizza came flooding into the hospital, enough to feed everyone on the fourth floor. Hazel was sent so many pies her mom had to post not to send anymore. Mom hopes the story raises awareness of Hazel's condition, neuroblastoma.

  • Derrick Hall

    Derrick Hall

    There's a reason the name of the Diamondbacks CEO comes up when people discuss Major League Baseball's next commissioner. The guy never misses a trick. Hall is constantly reminding us of the baseball team's commitment to community. And recently, the team stepped up to raise money for the families of the 19 Yarnell firefighters who lost their lives June 30. The team raised over $700,000 through various forms of fundraising. Well done.



    Welcome to the future. Boston Dynamics has introduced its most lifelike humanoid to date. To see ATLAS is to think of Terminator, sans the Arnold Schwarzenegger wrapping. ATLAS is designed for assisting humans in disaster response. It can lift away debris, walk through fire and pressure to perform amid crisis is not an issue for the robot. Sounds wonderful, as long as the robots continue to be used to "assist humans." As amazing as it sounds to find a safer alternative for firefighters and disaster crews, especially in light of what happened at Yarnell, first responders would much prefer a dangerous job with a paycheck than the safety that comes with unemployment.

  • Pandas


    My word, I had no idea how ugly baby pandas were. No wonder they nearly went extinct. Grown pandas were embarrassed the neighbors would see their kids. I read "The Ugly Duckling" as a kid, but baby swans look like puppies dressed as bunnies compared to panda newborns. Dogs, cats, humans, even other kinds of bears, all look cuter as babies. What happened to the poor panda? Those offspring look like they fell out of the ugly bamboo shoot.

  • Johnny Manziel

    Johnny Manziel

    Perhaps freshmen shouldn't win the Heisman after all. I don't really believe that, but Johnny Manziel seems to be struggling with his elevated fame. Oh sure, occasionally a Heisman winner ends up killing his wife, but most tend to ratchet up their commitments to community accountability, leadership and responsibility. Not Manziel. And though the Texas A&M quarterback hasn't committed any vile acts against humanity, a party boy image and a general disrespect for others seems to have surfaced since he made history as the first freshman to win the Heisman. Shape up, kid. You can have the world on a string if you don't louse it up.

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