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Chuck's List: Nice to see Jay Leno going out with class

A one-man opinion poll.

  • Jay Leno

    Jay Leno

    I am not a fan of Jay Leno. However, Three Up, Three Down is about recognizing people for recent acts, not holding things against them for their library of work. For example, if I learned that Keanu Reeves, who I hate more than (insert here a DirecTV cutaway of me being tied down and tickled by a hairless orangutan), had risked his life to save children from a burning school bus, then I would surely credit the actor for his heroics, try to overlook "A Walk in the Clouds," and finally consider moving him off the hate-line he's long occupied in my heart. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate Jay Leno. I've just always felt he was overrated. But this week, Lantern Jaw scored points with me. He seems angry about being removed as "Tonight Show" host, but he's not taking out on Jimmy Fallon. In fact, he seems to be helping the lad with his transition. Much better to go out with class, Jay. I guess he learned his lesson.

  • Dr. Steven Erickson

    Dr. Steven Erickson

    Dr. Steven Erickson, of the new Banner Concussion Center, came on the show this week and was terrific. Erickson provided great analysis for the severity of concussions and how former NFL players were blindsided by the long-term effects. But the thing that grabbed me most during our chat with Erickson was his stern declaration that head injuries were treatable through education and research only. Different sporting goods companies are working feverishly on improved protective headwear, but Dr. Erickson doesn't mix words. "No device can be created that will protect athletes from concussions." I feel I understand the head injury discussion a hell of a lot better now thanks to the good doctor.

  • Joel Osteen

    Joel Osteen

    The world's most popular televangelist was the subject of an elaborate April Fool's joke, in which a hoaxer put together a website intended to look like Osteen's. The message was sent that Osteen was leaving his church because he'd lost faith in God. Osteen has since acknowledged the hoax, saying that was more than just a practical joke. Osteen's business is his belief in God. That's the product he sells. This prankster was threatening his livelihood in the same way a person could slander Coca-Cola by claiming through an elaborate and believable website that Coke was made from goat saliva. But instead of suing, Osteen has chosen to turn the other cheek. After all, WWJD?

  • Kim Jong Un

    Kim Jong Un

    The leader of North Korea is a fool, but I don't blame him for his ignorance. After all, his father brainwashed his countrymen into believing he was "the smartest, most handsome, most physically fit" person in the world. You just know he had Junior drink the Kool-Aid. So here comes Un, operating under the belief that North Korea is the greatest military force in the universe. He needs to be shown it isn't. Here's what I'm proposing: A full-out international flyover. Air forces from around the world display for Un how incapable North Korea is of defending itself against the world if they were to be foolish enough to instigate war. But instead of dropping bombs, the planes drop mushy rotten fruit to splatter all across the Pyongyang countryside, along with the message, "Next time, you get the real thing." That'll fix it.

  • Juror No. 5

    Juror No. 5

    We don't know her name, but in this reality-television-anyone-can-be-a-star world of ours, the dismissed member of the Jodi Arias jury returned to the courtroom so "she could have her say." Her say?

    Dear Juror #5,

    You're a jury member. It's called civic duty. This isn't your chance for 15 minutes of fame. No one cares about your thoughts. You were dismissed from the jury because you couldn't keep your yapper shut. Now go away, and let's please put an end to this circus they're calling a trial.


  • Ryan Lochte

    Ryan Lochte

    For years, men have been guilty of adoration for women beautiful on the outside but, let's say, empty on the inside. And women have hated men for this. Which is why when swimmer Ryan Lochte gained fame for his looks over his substance during the most recent Olympics, I let women, as hypocritical as they were being, have their fun swooning over the simpleton hunk. But not anymore, not after what I heard this week. "I want to be the next Kim Kardashian," said Lochte as he prepares for his new reality television show to air. I'm sorry, but anyone who admits "I have nothing to offer the world but my good looks and I'd like to be the best at it" doesn't deserve protection from criticism. Please ladies, when the Ryan Lochte show does air, have some self-respect and don't watch the pretty idiot.

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