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Chuck's List: Is anyone else suffering from First Lady Overload?

A one-man opinion poll.

  • Daniel Day-Lewis

    Daniel Day-Lewis

    It's official. My favorite living actor is now considered the greatest actor of all time. Day-Lewis won his third Oscar for actor in a leading role Sunday. No other male thespian has accomplished the feat. Not Nicholson. Not Hanks. Not Olivier, Brando, nor Donny Most (best known for his role as Ralph Mouth in "Happy Days"). No, Daniel Day Lewis now stands alone. He was amazing in "My Left Foot," perfect in "There Will Be Blood," and to me he was Abraham Lincoln. Can't wait to see what he delivers next. And, oh yes: He just happened to deliver the speech of the night as well. Just brilliant.

  • Marissa Mayer

    Marissa Mayer

    Some are calling the Yahoo CEO a hypocrite for forcing her employees to report to work rather than work from home. After all, she was pregnant when hired and was made a symbol of the woman's movement pressuring corporate America to ease the demands placed on the working mother. And she might very well be a hypocrite, but Yahoo is a struggling company and the CEOs of struggling companies need to toss the bad apples from the barrel. In order to properly assess her staff, she needs to work with them, not Skype with them. I don't care what technology they come up with, personal communication remains the most effective form, so I don't want to hear the whining. If the company was performing, she would have no need to institute change. And for those crying out, "It's impossible for women to have it all!" Of course it is. It should be. Who deserves to have it all?

  • Sam Fox

    Sam Fox

    Congrats to Sam. He was named a James Beard Finalist for Best Restaurateur in America this week. He's the Valley guy whose concepts include North, Sauce, Zinburger, Olive and Ivy, Modern Steak, and just about every other restaurant that has opened in the last two years. And James Beard is to the chef and restaurateur what the Heisman is to a college football player and the Publisher's Clearinghouse Sweepstakes grand prize is to old broke women. So yes, it's a big deal. From what I understand, he received the news with tears running down his cheeks. It goes to show you: Making money is great, but achieving greatness and then being recognized for your achievements is the fruit the truly dedicated and passionate most want to eat.

  • Michelle Obama

    Michelle Obama

    Who out there is experiencing FLO? First Lady Overload? I know I am. Don't get me wrong, I dig the FLOTUS, always have. I like her poise. I like her charm. I like the work she does and the causes she tackles. I even like her new bangs and her controversial wearing of sleeveless dresses. However, we have undoubtedly seen a lot of Mrs. Obama lately. Too much. Dancing with Jimmy Fallon? That long-winded Oscar presentation that cut into Ben Affleck's golden moment of personal achievement? I half-expect to see her on "Dancing with Stars," launching a perfume line, and throwing out 15 first pitches on Major League Baseball's opening day. It seems the First Lady is determined to establish her own rock star status during the second term, so that the spotlight will never leave her.

  • ESPN


    During Super Bowl week, Karie and I discussed the background story of football star Colin Kaepernick. He was adopted. His birth mother decided she wasn't equipped to raise a baby at the time and she found a family that could and was perfectly willing. Over the years, the birth mother has wanted to meet Colin. He has always refused her, which is his right. Our recent discussion focused upon a sports reporter with adopted children of his own offering advice to Colin that he should meet his birth mother. We supported the reporter's gesture, but what I find truly appalling is ESPN's decision to interview Colin's birth mother on national television, capturing her sobbing tears and dramatic tale of sacrifice, which will no doubt cause viewers to resent Kaepernick. This is not journalism. This is just good old-fashioned meddling, and it simply obliterates the line between story and media. ESPN should be embarrassed and other media outlets should join me in roasting the network.

  • Pope Benedict

    Pope Benedict

    It wasn't long ago that Pope Benedict was on the "up" list, but then I was viewing his unprecedented resignation as a selfless act meant to preserve the dignity of his position. Now, it seems I had it all wrong. Is the Pope simply getting out of the way before the hammer strike falls again on the Vatican? Has he spent his time as the leader of the Catholic religion covering up for more indiscretions within the church? The Vatileaks scandal has again placed the Vatican in the vice of public reprimand; makes you wonder if they've learned a damn thing from past scandals. And if they haven't, what chance is there that they ever will? A CEO can't be awful with money or he loses his authority. Morality is the currency of a church leader. He or she should confront the same dreaded fate if they prove morally bankrupt.

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