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Updated Feb 20, 2013 - 11:26 am

Chuck's List: All models should be like Cameron Russell

A one-man opinion poll.

  • Pope Benedict XVI

    Pope Benedict XVI

    We may never know all the reasons Pope Benedict had for stepping down, but in doing so he changed history, and, I'd say, for the better. The Pope is the representative for the Catholic church. Why would Catholics want their leader to be physically and/or mentally incapable? Let him retire, designate him bishop emeritus, and give him a room in the Vatican. I hear they have some available. Surely, the church won't cast him out into the cold and expect him to get a job folding jeans at the Gap just so he can afford to go thirdsies on rent with his new roommates. Dying as pope may be the tradition, but traditions have to open to change. Pope Benedict has it right. And if the Catholic Church is wise, they'll now elect a much younger pontiff with a clearer view for the future. You know, like someone in their 60s.

  • Cameron Russell

    Cameron Russell

    When I first heard that a Victoria's Secret model was claiming she won the genetics lottery, I thought I might gag on her arrogance. Then I was made to understand the context for her comment. Cameron Russell is a brilliant woman, who has given more thought to life's complexities than how much a pair of shoes cost or where the nearest bathroom is so she can upchuck her tofu before it settles in her thighs. Russell is actively trying to steer young girls from pursuing modeling as a career. She won the genetics lottery, meaning she was born to have a 23-inch waist and she doesn't have to do much to maintain it. The problems come when starry-eyed young girls will do whatever it takes to have a model-like 23-inch waist. Drugs, bulimia, plastic surgery, starvation, the pursuit of extreme beauty is the ruination of too many young women, who should be striving to be engineers or doctors rather than the next bikini pusher. Well said, Cameron. P.S. I think I love you.

  • Scientists


    It used to be that we were stunned by scientific breakthroughs once every few years. Now, I find myself being stunned twice a week over what these nerds can do. Human arm transplants? Genome sequencing? Titanium skulls? And now bionic eyes? This week's moment of awe occurred over a modern marvel that is giving sight to the blind. An artificial retina that can relay video images past the damaged eye to, in essence, show a live action movie to the brain. Un-friggin-believable! Doctors say it's just a matter of a few short years before blindness could be eliminated. Now that's science at its best. Some complain that we have access to all sorts of breakthrough procedures to eliminate disease and disfigurement, but the government knows the money is in the medicine not the cure. Maybe you guys are right, but sorry I refuse to view giving sight to the blind with any amount of pessimism.

  • CNN


    I like CNN. It's usually my go-to source for news. I find it laughable that Fox News treats all other forms of mainstream media as being liberally biased, when Fox is unequivocally right-wing bias. I mean, sure, most news outlets lean to the left, but Fox is never anything but firmly on the right. It's like Rosie O'Donnell accusing Gwen Stefani of looking a bit chunky as of late. That said, CNN walked right into the door of criticism this week. Hell, they bashed their face against the knocker. First, they ran a poll asking viewers to weigh in on whether Marco Rubio cost himself political advancement by taking a sip of water during his rebuttal to the president's State of the Union address. Then, they treated the Triumph cruise ship story like it was another Hurricane Katrina. People were made to feel uncomfortable for four days while dodging each other's turds. I think they'll survive. In fact, they did. They all survived. Please, CNN, there's enough tragedy in the world. Let's not sensationalize stories that aren't.

  • The Victim

    The Victim

    Eleanor Roosevelt once said, "Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent." The story of Oscar Pistorius and his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp has shocked the world, and especially the nation of South Africa. It's a horrible tale of a girl, described by many as an angel, being shot to death by the person she should have been able to trust most. We don't know all the facts of this story yet. We shouldn't be jumping to any conclusions, but what we do know is that Pistorius and Steenkamp had a tumultuous relationship that seemed to include domestic violence. It's a terrible time for the Steenkamp family, but it's a great time to reinforce our need to urge battered women that the solution is not staying in the relationship and hoping he changes. We don't want to place blame on the victim of abuse, but we do need to stress personal responsibility to women everywhere that they must remove themselves from these relationships, that they deserve better.

  • NBA Dunkers

    NBA Dunkers

    Why is it that every basketball dunk contest I've ever watched has been entertaining, except for those being conducted by the NBA? The 2013 showing was the NBA's lamest yet. No-name players taking way too long to execute poorly planned dunks is a recipe for disaster, and disastrous it was. Here's my plan for 2014. If this doesn't work, cancel the entire event, and I mean the entire All-Star Weekend. Let's have a dunk contest to crown the best dunker in the world. Not the best in the NBA. The best in the world! I don't care if he's a stock boy from Topeka, a streetballer from Moscow or a football player from Syracuse University. A dunk contest held in every major city, then country, until you crown the best amateur dunker. That dunker then competes against the NBA's best, college basketball's best, the NFL's best, the best female dunker, and so on. If this concept can't restore the old glory of the dunk contest, nothing will.

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