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Chuck's List: Paul Harvey-based ad won the Super Bowl

A one-man opinion poll.

  • Paul Harvey

    Paul Harvey

    You can argue the worst commercial during the Super Bowl broadcast, but there is no disputing which was the best. The Dodge Ram ad featuring Harvey's brilliant "So God Made a Farmer" poem managed to mute all other noise but the message, and lasted four times longer than the average ad and still left you wanting more. The ad conjured memories of my own grandfather and put me right back in the tractor cab for one last ride with the toughest man I've ever known. Why, before it was done, the ad had me wanting to be a farmer and then finished with me wanting to buy a truck to be like a farmer. It was simply the best Super Bowl commercial I've ever seen, and it reminded us of a bygone era of radio. The medium once featured little more than news updates, dramatic skits, and crop reports and then God made Paul Harvey.

  • John Harbaugh

    John Harbaugh

    I heard some people complain that they'd grown tired of the Harbaugh family story during Super Bowl week. I couldn't get enough of it. Two brothers reach the pinnacle of their chosen profession, their father's profession, at the same time, to perform before all the world and their doting parents and only one can occupy the mountaintop. John Harbaugh didn't get to play in the NFL like his little brother did. Instead, he took the long road to becoming a head coach, then reached the Super Bowl for the first time, only to watch Jim qualify as well. I have no rooting interest as a sports fan, but I was rooting for John. And when he won, he didn't disappoint. The classier of the Harbaugh brothers humbly accepted the victory before his kid brother and then publicly recognized Jim as the better coach.

  • The Dentist

    The Dentist

    EMBARRASSING CONFESSION TIME! It's been a while since I visited the dentist. OK, IF YOU MUST KNOW TIME! 17 years. SAVING FACE TIME! I was told my teeth are great, but I did need one filling. POINT OF THE STORY TIME! I can't believe how much going to the dentist has changed. In truth, I'm blown away. I actually enjoyed getting a filling. You think I'm full of stuff, I can tell. But it's true. The relief of learning all is good, and that I've not ruined my mouth after nearly two decades of professional neglect, coupled with how easy and painless a dentist visit has become, compared to 17 years ago, due to the advancements in technology, actually made for a pleasant experience. I honestly had a good time at the dentist this week. And now, I can't help but wonder: If I were to avoid paying taxes for 17 years, will it become a pleasurable experience once I return to the practice in 2030? Worth a shot, right?

  • Jodi Arias

    Jodi Arias

    I'll be glad when this court case is over. Jodi Arias has changed her story more often than she's changed clothes. She murdered her ex-boyfriend. She's admitted it. Was he abusive? Maybe. Was he possessive? It seems he was. And those are two great reasons for breaking up with a guy, but Jodi Arias murdered Travis Alexander. This case is over. No need to sensationalize it, my media brethren, just because the murderer isn't unattractive. To this point, I've resisted discussing the Arias case on our radio show but was convinced we shouldn't ignore local headlines but now I'm drawing the line. Sure, we'll announce the verdict on Karie & Chuck, but that will the only time I'll give the trial my attention.

  • The Tweeters

    The Tweeters

    John McCain and Ron Paul are great Americans. They care deeply about this country and its future. McCain and Paul have convinced millions they should be president of the United States, but then, not unlike overstimulated teenagers or attention-starved professional athletes, these two men don't possess the good sense to have their Twitter thumbs on a leash. This week, McCain likened the president of Iran to a monkey, and Ron Paul tweeted that a fallen Navy Seal met a justifiable end when getting gunned down by the same weapon he took lives with in combat. Personally, I give McCain the benefit of the doubt that he was joking about Mahmoud Ahmadenijad's level of intelligence. And I respect Paul's message about staying out of foreign wars but I also understand why their tweets are drawing strong criticism and frankly they deserve the backlash.

  • Andre Cassagnes

    Andre Cassagnes

    A member of the Toy Hall of Fame died this week. Andre Cassagnes, the inventor of the Etch-a-Sketch, passed away. Friends mourned, "He shook up the world." And I suppose he did. See, I grew up with the Etch-a-Sketch, so hearing about his passing brought back memories of my childhood. And I've concluded Andre Cassagnes invented one of the worst toys of all time. Seriously, it was damn hard trying to manipulate those knobs into a decent likeness. "Look Mom," I'd proudly exclaim. "What you got there? A mountain?" She'd reply. "No," I'd mumble with dejection. "It's supposed to be a shark." Etch-a-Sketch sucked. And the worst part about it? Any progress made with the devil toy could be promptly ruined by a sibling's errant foot or Dad hitting a pothole in the road. Andre Cassagnes, I've determined you actually made my childhood a little bit worse.

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