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Updated Dec 12, 2012 - 9:56 am

Chuck's List: I wish I'd have known your name, Nicolas Cheque

A one-man opinion poll.

  • Nicolas Cheque

    Nicolas Cheque

    I was a three-sport athlete in high school, so I like competition. I like physicality. But I realized long ago that I'm a poet, not a warrior and it's the poet's job to write about the exploits of the warrior. Nicolas Cheque was a born warrior. When he decided he wanted to be a soldier, he didn't want to be just any soldier, he wanted to be a Navy SEAL. And as a SEAL, Cheque helped kill Osama bin Laden. We have learned the names of other members of SEAL Team 6 from their decisions to cash in on killing bin Laden. This week, we learned the name of Nicolas Cheque because he lost his life in the line of duty. Cheque was trying to rescue a fellow American from enemy capture. I wish I had known the name of Nicolas Cheque before he died. I wish we'd known his name so we could have thanked him personally. I wish I'd known Nicolas Cheque.

  • The Snack Cake

    The Snack Cake

    By the time you read this, the last Hostess product will have been sold. Poor management caused an American icon to die, despite the fact that $2.5 billion worth of product were still being moved annually. So, the Twinkie may have reached its expiration date. The Chocodile may be extinct. The Ding Dong may have been castrated. But you know something? I think great snack cakes are like great rock stars. They can always make a comeback. So, maybe Suzy Q lost an arm in an automobile accident, she'll learn to drum one-handed. And maybe Twinkie the Kid did sleep with the Zinger's wife, but I believe time heals all wounds. Mark my words, Hostess will be resurrected in one form or the other. The snack cake will tour once more. Believe me when I tell you, the Fruit Pie will live to rock another day.

  • Tim Cook

    Tim Cook

    Hey, Tim. It's me again. I think you've made this list more frequently than anyone. You've been on the up list before, but admittedly, you've been on the down list more. Sorry. Tim Cook is the CEO of Apple. He oversaw the iPhone 5 map fiasco, he's been in charge to watch Samsung make a better phone, and he's seen the company's stock tumble considerably (although it's still ridiculously high). But this week, Cook delivered on something I honestly believed was an empty promise. He delivered on something I doubt Steve Jobs would have ever considered. Cook put profit on the back burner in announcing that Apple will build a factory in the U.S. It will cost the company on their bottom line, but it's the right move. Jobs will be created (not Steve, he's dead) in the U.S. from this sacrifice, and an example will be set for other CEOs who recognize they've won at the game called capitalism and it's time to give back to the country that gave them the platform to help preserve the game we play before our greed grows to ruin everything. Thanks, Tim.

  • John McAfee

    John McAfee

    John McAfee created anti-virus software. This software made him a millionaire and millionaire's get taxed. John McAfee didn't like paying taxes. So, John McAfee moved. To Belize. And now he's been charged with murder, a claim he denies. So, McAfee has fled Belize, denying any wrongdoing, and complaining he's being denied the kind of due process an American receives. Now he wants to come home. Sorry John, but You can't come back. You have just received a painful lesson in what your admittedly excessive taxes buy you. You can't put a price on justice. This is why we must remember, no matter how we bicker over policy, just how amazing this country and its Constitution are.

  • The Colorado Pot Smoker

    The Colorado Pot Smoker

    One should always celebrate victory with class, but the Colorado pot smoker hasn't gotten the message. Recreational pot is now legal in the Mile High City, and apparently the smoker has every intention to spend the foreseeable future a mile high. I watched a "60 Minutes" episode recently featuring a Colorado marijuana shop. Shop owners not only intend to sell recreational pot, they will be selling marijuana candy, marijuana fruit drinks, marijuana desserts and something called marijuana puppy chow. Look, I personally don't mind if pot is sold legally. Hell, I think it's time we had a serious discussion about whether we should manufacture the product, create jobs with it, and tax the hell out of it. However, the pot user needs to act responsibly. Absolutely no selling marijuana-laced candy or puppy chow (whatever that is) over the counter. No matter how we adults evolve on the issue of marijuana, we all need to be on the same page in keeping it out of the hands of kids. Celebrate with class, Colorado pot smokers.

  • Jim DiMint

    Jim DiMint

    Let me get this straight: Apparently, you can launch a campaign for Senate, spend months collecting money from supporters across the state, make promises of what you'll do in an effort to represent your state for the next six years in the senate, accept votes that serve as markers of faith, solemnly swear to serve your state to the best of your abilities upon victory, and then quit one-third of the way through your term without any repercussions? Welcome to the Jim DiMint Plan. Well, allow me to introduce to you, the new Jim DiMint Rule. "Anyone who fails to finish their six-year senatorial term, beyond reasons of health or a crisis of faith or country or party, must repay all money they essentially stole from their campaign contributors." Or we need to have a serious discussion again regarding term limits.

About the Author

Career: My broadcast career began in 1990 at the age of 19. I've spent 19 of my last 21 years as a talk show host. Twelve years were spent in sports radio (only 3 in Phoenix), seven in music/comedy (most notably 103.9 The Edge), and now KTAR.

Education: BS at Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville (Illinois)

Family: 2 parents, 4 sisters, 2 brothers, 11 nieces & nephews

Favorite Food: Perfectly cooked salmon with asparagus

Favorite Spot in Arizona: My old house on Scottsdale Mountain

Favorite Movie: "Clarice, are the lambs still screaming?" (Silence of the Lambs)

#1 Sports Team: I don't root for teams

Outside interests: Writing, Sports, Reading, Eating


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