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Updated Jul 10, 2014 - 2:46 pm

Final Word: Arizona voters have had enough on Tom Horne allegations

Do you think there are enough investigations into Attorney General Tom Horne right now?

Maybe there actually AREN'T enough, considering the numerous allegations against him, but let's count.

• The FBI concluded after many months of investigation that Horne was "not ethical, not honest" and "slimy" after having hit a parked car without leaving a note. It should be noted he was wearing a baseball cap and dark glasses while on his way out of his girlfriend's apartment at the time of the incident.

• The County Attorney is looking into allegations that Horne has openly conducted his campaign out of his state office, after a former staffer turned over emails, text messages and other office materials. The staffer said Horne has a three ring binder labeled "Border Patrol" that contained all his campaign files. Well, the County Attorney has it now...

• The Secretary of State is ALSO investigating Horne, for essentially the same things.

• Yavapai County Attorney Sheila Polk is still looking into Tom Horne's 2010 campaign, when it was alleged he illegally coordinated with an independent expenditure committee.

But that's not very sexy, is it? Certainly not when compared with the parked car tales.

There are more conflicts of interest here than there should be, even though everyone investigating this particular Republican are also, Republicans.

And those conflicts don't exist because they would be too easy on Horne, rather, that they can't stand him because his behavior has been so abysmal. Here is what is so sad, though.

Its rare that such an investigation by one elected official into another actually has an effect. Such an investigation usually just means a report is issued with findings of misconduct and a call for action. But usually, nothing happens. The subject of the report dismisses the findings and we all move on.

But with Tom Horne, there is SO much smoke that the question is not whether there is a fire, but whether the office building is a total loss.

Ironically, in this case, that office is that of the attorney general, the top law enforcement official in the state.

I have to think that Arizona voters have had enough of an AG who has zero respect for the law.

Let's save the money all these agencies are spending and simply choose another AG in November. You could choose Felecia Rotellini or Mark Brnovich.

Either way, you will get someone who means what they say when swearing to uphold the office and follow the law.

About the Author

Karie Dozer is host of Arizona's Noon News.

She has been an on-air personality nearly continually since her college days. She loves radio because it is intelligent, immediate and almost always available.

She is the youngest of nine children from a Midwestern Catholic family where she learned to be heard, fight for a place at the table and find humor in almost everything. She was hired as a news intern while a senior at ASU's Cronkite School, and found that covering human stories like the OJ Simpson white Bronco chase and the 1992-93 Phoenix Suns was too much fun to pass up.

She loved life in the newsroom with all the action and crazy personalities to go with it. She anchored and covered some sports too, until politics dragged her away. She served as press secretary for Arizona's Attorney General Grant Woods for a five-year stint before jumping back to radio on a part-time basis. Three years ago she got back in the biz on a more regular basis as a midday host on what is now KTAR News. She has a passion for the breaking news of the moment, education, local politics, great food, sports and fitness. She has trouble turning down a good argument, a good book or a good glass of wine.

In her spare time she takes care of her boys, (husband Rich, son Jack, and yellow lab Buddy,) and bakes awesome chocolate chip cookies. She enjoys the quality of life the Valley offers her family and the natural beauty of Arizona. Her favorite places are golf courses, her own kitchen, the city of Flagstaff, and wherever her family is.

She considers herself lucky to work with the amazingly talented people of KTAR radio.


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