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Updated May 2, 2013 - 2:46 pm

Final Word: Yes! Jodi Arias trial coming to an end

Hold your applause until closing arguments are over, but at least they have begun in the Jodi Arias trial. After four months of testimony, we can finally see the end of a trial that many people think shouldn't have happened at all.

But it did, and I think that if there hadn't been cameras in the courtroom, it would have lasted about half as long. In any case, I hope it doesn't take this jury long to come up with a verdict. And then a sentence. And then HLN and Nancy Grace can go home.

We hope.

Those self-centered millenials

A study out Thursday morning tells us what I think we already knew. Today's millenial generation, which has been called entitled, materialistic, and self-centered, are that way because we made them that way!

Yep, it's true. We Gen Xers didn't get anything we wanted so we made sure our kids didn't have to suffer. It's a generalization, sure, but I think we can all see a little of it in ourselves.

I wonder what our kids will do to theirs? If they have any kids, that is .

Frat houses returning to ASU campus?

And finally, if you went to ASU in the 1980s or '90s and you drive over there today, you won't believe the difference in Fraternity Row.

Where there used to be house after house of fairly well kept, full houses of boys, there is now chain-link fencing and homes that look like they should be knocked down.

ASU moved all the fraternities off campus last year, probably because the university didn't want to deal with the problems that came along with them, such as the parties and the drinking, and you know.

But look what has happened. The parties and the drinking are still going on, of course, just OFF campus. In March, there was a particularly bad incident where two girls got burned and this past weekend, five people were arrested and a student is in intensive care. Is being farther from campus actually making the partying worse? Maybe.

ASU is now looking into moving the houses BACK to campus.

About the Author

Years with the company: Just started with Bonneville, but have worked for and with KTAR AM and FM since 1991.

Career: I always knew my career would be touched by news. I started as a news intern in 1991 and eventually reported news and sports, and anchored newscasts at KTAR when it was an AM, news/talk/sports station. I went to work at the Attorney General's Office in 1995, as a spokesperson for the 300 attorneys there, and for Attorney General Grant Woods. I returned as a part-time host and host of Arizona's Morning News Saturday in 2001.

Education: I escaped Catholic school early when the nuns wanted me to skip the second grade. I found my independent voice at a private grade school in Painesville, Ohio, then called Phillips Elementary. The teachers there encouraged us to ask questions and challenge the status quo. They took us on mind-opening trips and never once treated us like children. I am grateful for those years! I left Ohio in 1988 to attend Arizona State University because I knew I wanted to live in the West. I majored in Journalism and interned at KTAR in the newsroom my senior year.

Family: I am the last of nine children and my parents were undoubtedly looking at retiring when I was born. I was raised early on mostly by my five wonderful sisters. I have so many first cousins that I haven't yet met most of them.

Favorite movie: Caddyshack and anything by John Hughes.

#1 sports team: NL Diamondbacks. AL Cleveland Indians. Gotta love a team whose mascot is named Chief Wahoo.

Outside interests: Working out, cooking, traveling and reading a great book.


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